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Angela's Journey

I've loved every minute of my journey...

A Brand New Start

      Angela Felicia Foxworth, a native of Sumter, SC, is a 50 year old Woman of God whose main purpose in life (today) is helping, empowering, sharing, giving, and supporting other women. As a former manic depressed, severely oppressed, and suicidal  person, I am 100% certain that God delivered me so that I may be an example for others. 
      After receiving years of counseling, where I learned tools that were designed to help me to cope with depression, it was (and is still) God's Word that delivered and set me FREE.  I now live a life that is healthy, happy, productive, successful, effective, and fulfilled.

An Idea is Born

Serene Expressions developed as a direct reflection of my deliverance. Once set free, my need to live a happy, healthy and fashionable life took over with a desire to guide other women to do the same. Some women wanted to know where I got my jewelry from, others wanted to know how I got healthy and lost weight, and even more, how I overcame depression and suicide. Thus Serene Expressions was born which includes my fashion jewelry, blog and Total Life Changes company. So take a minute or two and travel this journey with me. I pray you find something that not only benefits you but blesses you as well. Enjoy the ride......

-Angie Fox